Promotional products can strengthen Gore's visual identity and build our brand with associates, consumers, and customers.

This site presents a selection of brand-reflective products for U.S. businesses at various price points, offered by a preferred supplier of promotional products.


From a broad universe of promotional items, the Gore Logo Shop Team selected a variety of high-quality products that will represent Gore well. All reflect the standards found in the Gore Brand Guidelines. Because the Gore Logo Shop Team was able to negotiate volume pricing, associates benefit from products of the best quality for the price.

Associates no longer have to pay high prices for small orders or call from plant to plant to find promotional items. Through the Gore Logo Shop, associates can now find a variety of items including pens, golf balls, and stainless steel water bottles, and in a matter of minutes place an order for delivery to their facility or a third party.


The Gore Logo Shop supplier, Remline, was selected by the Gore Logo Shop Team in a thorough RFP process. Remline was chosen for their extensive product offering, culture fit with Gore, and commitment to customer service and on-time delivery.

In addition to providing items for the shop, Remline will work with individual teams on special promotional projects. See the Custom Orders tab for more information as well as images of recent Gore projects.